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Going on a trip and need a list of the most common items men need to pack?  This packing checklist has many of the most common items you’ll need on weekend or month long trips – This is the ‘don’t forget’ checklist you’ve been looking for.


Are Mom and Dad on your case to create a packing checklist for a family trip?  – download your Packing Checklist here .

If you are travelling and need a quick checklist for girls, here is a checklist of the most common items girls are likely to need on a vacation or road trip. This Packing Checklist is timesaver comprised of a multi-page (5 Pages with new items added regularly) list breaking down the most common items you may need on your upcoming trip.  This handy document will help remind you of the items you can’t forget to pack!

The Girl’s Packing Checklist is has items categorized as follows:

  • Girl’s Basic Items
  • Girl’s Personal Items
  • Girl’s Casual
  • Girl’s Summer
  • Girl’s Sleep Wear
  • Girl’s Formal Wear
  • Girl’s Formal Accessories
  • Girl’s Outer Wear
  • Girl’s Winter Wear
  • Girl’s Accessories
  • Girl’s Electronics
  • Girl’s Travel

The checklist has the most common items needed to for a variety of types of trips and also leaves space for travellers to accomodate adding additional items using our fillable pdf form.  The form can easily be editted, printed or saved on your local device.

This Girl’s Packing Checklist is a handy timesaver and will help you to not forget important items on your next trip.

Upon purchase a link is provided to a zip file containing a pdf version of the document, which can be downloaded.

Girl's Packing Checklist - Sample Page
Girl’s Packing Checklist – Sample Page
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