Maybe you have not heard of Manotech Solutions and are interested in learning more about our online store. To help get you up to speed on what makes us special – here are some of the benefits of shopping with us:

  1. Unique products
  2. Extensive product selection
  3. Extensive product variations
  4. Global products 
  5. Great prices
  6. Best possible shipping options
  7. Customer Service
  8. Custom product requests

Unique Products

We do the research to source great products from global suppliers.  Yes, some products are sourced from China – just as the majority of products in any store.  We check the quality of all the products that we sell to ensure that our customers are investing in great products.  

Extensive product selection

As we deal directly with suppliers, we have access to a wide range of products that may not be available in your local store.  We add new products regularly so come back regularly and see what’s new.

Extensive Product Variations

Because we deal directly with the supplier, we have access to sizes and colours that may not be available in your local store.  This is likely our biggest advantage over your local box store.

Global Quality Products

We source products from suppliers all over the world.  We are constantly updating our product selection so be sure to check in regularly to see our latest selections.  We verify the product quality to ensure we are providing great products for our customers.

Great Prices

We order directly from suppliers globally, meaning we are able to get better prices for our customers – with a great selection of product variations  We are able to pass along these savings to our customers.   With inflation the way it is these days, we can typically save you money – some products may take a bit longer to be delivered but in return you are saving $$.

Affordable Shipping Options

In fact, we typically offer free shipping for the majority of our products,  Because products are being sourced from other countries in many cases, free shipping may be offered to make up for extended delivery times.  Tracking information will be provided once an order is shipped.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our customers.  Our customers can reach out anytime for assistance or to share any concerns – or to give us feedback.  We are a Canadian company, located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada – in the eastern time zone – feel free to reach out to us with any customer service queries.

Custom Product Requests

If you are looking for a particular product , a product size or colour, and you cannot find it online or in your local store – contact us and we will check if one of our suppliers can source it for you.  We have contacts around the globe that we can reach out to in order to assist you in finding what you need.  Contact us with your requirements.

So what’s the Catch?

We provide a wide selection of products and product options.  Because our products are sourced globally our delivery times can be longer than some people expect.  Please be comfortable with delivery times of from 1 to 8 weeks before ordering.  Most people are fine with longer delivery times if they are getting great products, sometimes meeting a unique need, as long as they are made aware upfront – and that is our goal.

When you buy from us you have a wide range of unique products with a wide range of colours and sizes – sourced from global suppliers – at great prices!  The trade off is delivery time may be longer – but typically with Free Shipping provided.

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