We still have many potential customers asking for more information on our products and solutions, so we thought it would be a good idea to once again summarize “what we do” in a new blog post.


What We Do

In a nut-shell, Manotech Solutions Inc. provides a BUY-DIRECT products from trusted international suppliers, bundled with a personalized support service based in Canada – to ensure a worry-free shopping experience for our customers.

What we do – What Manotech Solutions provides:

Unique products from international suppliers

Customized products upon request – in most cases at no extra charge.

We have a relationship with our suppliers which improves delivery times, support and product knowledge.

Trusted payment processing.

We follow up with suppliers to ensure your purchase is processed and shipped as expected.

We periodically check on the shipping progress of your purchase and follow-up with suppliers and our customers if irregularities are seen.

Follow-up with customers concerned about the status of their order.

Follow-up with customers on the satisfaction of their order once delivered.

Provide a 30 Day satisfaction Guarantee from the day of delivery.

Provide a 90 Day or Keep It for Free Late Delivery Guarantee for cases where a purchase has not been delivered within 90 days.  In most cases orders refunded prior to 90 days if there is a mutual agreement reached. 

Identify potential events that could impact delivery times, National Holidays, strikes, global events and plan orders to avoid these events as much as possible.

Offer alternatives if products are not available.

Remove the worry when ordering from unknown suppliers.

All these services are provided from Canada to ensure a quality experience for our customers.

We hope this information helps to provide more information on what we do – our focus is ensuring the best possible service for our customers.  That’s what we do!

Manotech Solutions Inc.- What We Do

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Note:  Our products are special ordered with delivery direct to customers by our international suppliers.  Typical delivery times globally are 3 to 6 weeks – refer to our Shipping Policy for details.

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Have a great day – and thanks for trusting us with your business!

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