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As our products are shipped direct from international suppliers, we closely monitor shipping and delivery time trends so we can share the info with our customers.

Shipping times are still quite unpredictable due to COVID-19 impacts and also a huge demand on the Shipping companies to keep up with demand as companies globally begin to ramp up productivity.

There are many slow downs at ports globally that is impacting the delivery of goods worldwide,  In Canada, there are slowdowns in Vancouver due to shipping companies trying to bypass port slowdowns on the West coast of USA.  

Our products are shipped by air internationally but are still impacted by slowdowns getting onto air transport and when passing though customs.  Due to the pandemic, there is also a shortage of trucking transportation across Canada and the USA which also impacts shipping times.

We are seeing a wide range in delivery times to Canada, ranging from 15 days to 8 weeks+.   Typical deliveries are still in the 3 to 6 week range on average. 

Please take this information in mind when placing orders. Shop early!

We expect that shipping times will be challenging as we approach the holiday season with even more packages being shipped.

Shop Early

As the holiday season approaches, everyone starts to think about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the shopping that needs to be done in preparation for the holidays.  Shop early!

As you may have heard, there are shortages of many popular products – partially due to a global silicon chip shortage.  As a result, we expect there will be shortages of many of the latest gaming consoles, new electronic devices and many games and goods that are already in short supply. Shop early!

Also, as mentioned in our shipping time update, there is also a huge stress on global shipping companies as the global economy begins to recover from the pandemic.  Shipping ports are congested and shipping costs are increasing.

We recommend that you start shopping for those special gifts now and plan for alternative gifts – as there will be a short supply of some popular items.

The short supply of materials is also impacting many of our products so if you see something you like we recommend to order it early to avoid disappointment.  Shop early!

We expect some products to be short in supply and that shipping times will start to get longer as we approach the holiday season.

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Note:  Our products are special ordered with delivery direct to customers by our international suppliers.  Typical delivery times globally are 3 to 6 weeks – refer to our Shipping Policy for details.

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