Our products are supplied and shipped directly from suppliers located internationally once an order is placed. This means that it is virtually impossible to provide Same Day or next day types of shipping options. Our Shipping Policy contains details relates to our expected delivery times.

Manotech Solutions provides:

  • unique products to our customers
  • access to the latest products, designs and colours
  • customization where possible
  • special order type services
  • best possible pricing to our customers

The trade off for offering a broad product range of special order / custom / unique products is that typical delivery times tend to be longer – this is why we offer free shipping, to make up for longer delivery times.

We are also constantly evaluating our suppliers to ensure they ship orders in a consistent timely manner and that they ship using the best shipping options possible while keeping costs down.

We place 100’s of orders monthly to suppliers we have relationships with. We also remove that risk by guaranteeing your delivery within the terms of our shipping policy.

Same Day – Next Day Shipping Options

So in short quick same day or next day delivery options are not currently available – and also our CEO is not planning to fly into space next month on his own space craft 🙂

Manotech Solutions Inc. - Shipping Options

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Note:  Our products are special ordered with delivery direct to customers by our international suppliers.  Typical delivery times globally are 3 to 6 weeks – refer to our Shipping Policy for details.

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Have a great day – and thanks for trusting us with your business!

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