RFID Card (Thin)

RFID cards for a wide range of applications.

MOQ = 200 units




Chipset                              Model #

TK4100 (EM4200 compatible) MS-C0T41W
EM4200 MS-C0E42W
EM4305 MS-C0E43W
ATA5577 MS-C0T57W
HID 125khz MS-C0HIDW
F08 (MIFARE 1k) MS-C0F08W
Mifare 1k, S50 MS-C0S50W
Mifare 4k, S70 MS-C0S70W
Mifare Ultralight EV1 MS-C0Ul1W
MIFARE Ultralight C MS-C0UCW
NXP Hitag 2 MS-C0Hi2W
NXP Hitag 1 MS-C0Hi1W
i-Code 2 SLI-S 2K MS-C0iCsW
I Code 2 SLI-X MS-C0iCxW
Ntag213 MS-C0N213W
Ntag216 MS-C0N216W
DESFire 2k MS-C0D21W
DESFire 4k MS-C0D41W
DESFire 8k MS-C0D8W
J3D081 MS-C0J3D081



Access control, ID badge, membership card, logistics automation, industrial transponder.



For white cards, customization is available as follows:

1, silk screen printing logo,

2, laser engrave logo or UID, and series code.

3, painted UID or flat print UID, series codes.

4, punch slot hole,

5, laminating printing film,

6, cycle with elastic rope

MOQ = 200 units


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