48 LED Solar Motion Sensor Light – 800 Lumen

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This 48 LED Solar LED Sensor light offers 4 modes of operation for an energy efficient solution for providing additional security to your home at night.

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48 LED Solar Motion Sensor Light – 800 Lumen


  • Solar Panel Power: 5V 3.2W
  • Battery: Lithum Battery 3.7V 3000mAh
  • LED: 0.2W 60mA / 30LM / SMD2835*48PCS
  • Luminous flux: 800LM
  • Charging time: 6 hours in direct sunlight
  • Waterproof rating: IP65

Operation Details:

  • During the day, the system is charging and the light is turned off. At night, the system starts lighting automatically
  • Each press of a button will change the lighting mode, in a repeating pattern.
  • To Turn On: Press and hold the button for 5-10 seconds to start the first mode.
  • For body sensor+micro-mode: When a person is detected, the light will illuminate brightly, when no activity, the light will be dim.
  • For body sensor mode: When a person is detected , the light will illuminate brightly, when no activity, the light will turn off
  • For Always On mode:  The light is always on.  No sensing is active. 
  • Emergency light mode: The light will be bright light for 30 minutes, and then turn off the light. The solar panel will activate again as normal at night.
  • The light will work according to the installed mode every day, not need to set the mode again.
  • The delay time for a bright light activation is 15 seconds when someone is nearby in the induction area.  When the person leaves the induction area for 15 seconds,the light enters into the power saving mode.


  • Initial setup: Place the product under direct sunlight.  Charge for several hours before use.
  • Remove the battery when the product is not in use for a long period. Also charge up the battery every 3 months, in order to ensure that the battery will not lose power and caused damage. Or charge the solar panel lamp at least once a monthly.
  • When the lights flash, it means the battery is low, you need charged the battery before use.
  • Please install under direct sunlight.  On cloudy days the light may not reach full charge and effect the number of hours it will be operational the following night.

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Dimensions 45 x 10 x 6 cm
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