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Manotech Solutions Inc. Wireless Services

Established 2005

Home WiFi

Whether you are purchasing a new home and planning a WiFi network or optimizing your existing WiFi network - we can help. We can ensure your WiFi network is optimized for your applications and secure, keeping unwanted users off your network.


Small businesses require reliable secure WiFi networks designed to support your wireless enabled devices. Manotech Solutions Inc. listens to our clients needs and builds a network that matches those requirements.

Home IOT

Many appliances around the home are becoming wirelessly enabled. Manotech Solutions Inc. provides solutions to ensure our clients homes are ready for the IOT, We can also optimize your 3G, LTE and soon 5G coverage at home to ensure your cell phone has coverage when you need it most.


No matter what type of network you have at home, wired or wireless, keeping the network secure is of utmost importance. Manotech Solutions Inc. works with our clients to take an audit of existing networks and provide solutions to keep their networks secure.

Manotech Solutions Inc. is an agent for a global supplier of drum/barrel closure solutions provider. If your company is interested in sourrcing drum plugs, flanges, gaskets and tools from a global supplier, we have a solution for you.

Small Business Technical Consulting

We provide technical consulting to small business and entrepreneurs requiring personalized services to support and grow their business.

For Energy Savings

Online Store - Coming Soon

Choose from a selection of products available from our partners, From time to time we also list clearance,overstock and odds and ends products that are available online only.

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