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This is a must-have light for home patio use, rechargeable camping lantern, emergency solar lantern and any outdoor activity.


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There are 6 models of this rechargeable solar lantern, reflecting different sizes and features available on each model:

  • Model V50           Small  – 8 * 14 cm (USB Rechargeable Only) – 2 Light modes
  • Model V51           Medium – 9.5 * 16.5 cm  (USB Rechargeable Only) – 2 light modes
  • Model V51-RC   Medium – 9.5 * 16.5 cm (USB Rechargeable Only)  – 5 light modes with remote
  • Model V52-RC   Large – 10.5 * 17 cm (USB Rechargeable Only)  – 5 light modes with remote 
  • Model V51-S       Medium – 9.5 * 16.5 cm –  (Rechargeable via Solar) – 5 light modes
  • Model V52-S       Large – 10.5 * 17 cm (Rechargeable via Solar) – 5 light modes

Note that only 2 Models are SOLAR.  The models with remotes DO NOT have solar charging.

Solar Lantern Product Features

This is a must-have light for home patio use, rechargeable camping lantern, emergency solar lantern and any outdoor activity.

  • 42 LED chips in one lamp to provide the ultimate lighting experience
  • Lighting Modes: 2  Modes (High , Low) or 5 Modes (High, Med, Low, Strobe, SOS) available depending on model
  • DC Quick charge – Built-in 18650 battery, smart DC3.5 charging
  • AC Adapter is not included – a USB Cable is included.
  • Battery indicator to clearly see the battery life remaining.
  • Solar charge – Solar charging model have a built-in high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar panel, with high efficiency and environmental protection.
  • Lights up 40m² area maximum

Additional Information for the new V51-RC/V52-RC(Remote Control Version)

Q: What is the max distance that I can remote control a V51-RC/V52-RC(Remote Control Version)?
A: 15m max tested in an ideal environment(no obstacle blocking or jamming the signal).

Q: Does the remote control use a battery? What type of battery does it require?
A: Yes. The remote is powered by one button cell, type CR2025 or CR2032, either of these two works well with the remote.

Q: How do I remotely control the product with remote ?
A: There are 6 buttons on the remote control, ON/MODE 1/MODE 2/MODE 3/SOS/OFF. Point the controller at the product, press any button on the controller, lamp will switch to the mode you selected. And be sure to remove the plastic plate in the battery pod before use.

Q: Despite the controller, are there other differences between V51S/V52S and V51- RC/V52-RC(Remote Control Version)? Can I use the remote controller to control a V51S/V52S?
A: V51-RC/V52-RC(Remote Control Version) have an IR receiver built inside while normal V51/V51S/V52S do not.   The remote sends an IR beam, V51S RC/V52S RC(Remote Control Version) receives the signal and react. You can’t use the controller to control a V51S/V52S, they don’t have IR signal receiver, they can’t receive the signal, the remote does not work on them.

Q: Does the remote match only a single product? Or can I use one remote to control multiple V51-RC/V52-RC(Remote Control Version)?
A: No there’s not a specific match. One controller can control multiple V51-RC/V52-RC or both type of them. They applies same type of IR transmitter and receiver, so you can use one controller to control multiple V51-RC/V52-RC in an effective distance & angle.



Note:  This item is shipped directly to customers from the supplier located in China.

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