Decorative Window Film provide privacy while still allowing light through windows. Perfect for use on both windows and glass doors.

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Decorative Window Film Overview


This Decorative Window Film provides privacy while still allowing light through windows. Perfect for use on both windows and glass doors.

If your home or business has windows or glass doors facing a public space, applying a frosted decorative window film to the interior of your door or window will prevent unwanted viewing – increasing your privacy.

  • No curtain rods to buy and install
  • No holes to drill
  • No curtains to buy
  • No curtains to wash

The main benefit of a Decorative Window film is related to its ability to provide privacy, blocking unwanted viewing while still allowing light in – while adding a beautiful decorative cross design to your window.


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Decorative Window Films are available in multiple sizes.

Decorative Window Film Description

This Decorative Window Film is white frosted on the front site and frosted translucent on the rear of the film. Various sizes available.  Select Size above and add to cart.

Decorative Window Film Benefits:

  • Frosted Cross window film provides privacy with a traditional frosted design that works in virtually any room.
  • These films also help to block UV rays from passing through windows, helping to protect floors and furniture fabric from fading.
  • Decorative Window Film provides enhanced privacy while allowing light to pass through.
  • Decorative Window Film are typically cheaper than curtains and do a better job of providing privacy without the need for bulky fabrics.
  • Great for use in apartments and rental properties where window film can easily be applied temporarily without windows.


Simply cut the film to the desired size, spray the inside window with water and apply the film onto the wet window.  Use a squeegee or credit card to gently squeeze out excess water and air bubbles from behind the window film and the film will securely stay applied to the window. 

The beauty of window films is that you can change the look of your room by simply changing window film – while maintaining privacy.  Many types and styles of window film are available.


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Decorative Window Films available with Free Shipping.

Decorative Window Film Specifications

Size: Various Sizes Available.  Choose Select Size above to see current sizes available.

Colour:  White Translucent (Front and Rear)

Packaging:   Window Film Roll


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Decorative Window Film is a popular window film offered by Manotech Solutions Inc.


Decorative Window Film Installation


Installation Tips to Consider before Starting Installation:

  • A small utility knife with breakaway blades is the best tool for trimming film. Film can dull a blade edge quickly; and a dull blade can tear film.
  • Fill a spray bottle with a soapy water solution: to 1qt. bottled water, add 1/4 tsp of liquid soap. Avoid using concentrated or degreasing detergents. If you can’t find proper liquid soap, clean water is also OK for the solution.
  • Remove any caulk, paint or glue debris that may be stuck to the window.


Follow the following steps to ensure a hassle free installation of your new window film.

  1. Thoroughly clean the window glass surface.  The window should be clean and smooth to ensure good adhesion to the window glass.
  2. Prepare the window film for installation.  Measure the glass surface and record the length and width dimensions of the area to be covered by the film.  Add approximately 1 inch to the measured length and width measurements, and cut the window film to this size.  This will make the film a manageable size and leaves room for adjustments when applying to the window in a later step.
  3. Mix a small spray bottle with water or soap and water.  
  4. Generously spray the water or water/soap mix to both the window glass and the rear of the window film such that both are completely covered.  More is better, if not enough water / soap water is applied – the film may not adhere properly to the glass and could fall off.
  5. Remove the backing protective film from the backside of the film.
  6. Apply the smooth side of the film to the window ( the side that the protective film was covering) and use your hand to properly align the film on the window glass surface. 
  7. Use a towel / scraper or credit card to squeeze out excess water from behind the window film. Start from the middle and push excess air and water towards the edges of the film with a scraper.  This will ensure good adhesion of the window film to the glass of the window.
  8. Use a very sharp knife and trim any excess film that is touching the sides of the window.  It is recommended to leave approximately 1/16 inch gap around the window film to ensure good adhesion, with no lifting on the edges.  Use a cloth to flatten out the film edges after cutting..
  9. Use a paper towel or towel and pat dry the window film and surrounding area.
  10. Enjoy your new window film – installation is complete.


These decorative films do not require any special glue to apply them to windows.  The film is removable and reusable.  If you decide you no longer need the room darkened, simply remove the film and store it for use later.  The beauty of window films is that you can change the look of your room by simply changing window film – while maintaining privacy.  Pick a frosted or stained glass film design for instance if you still want privacy while allowing light in.



  1. How do I get rid of air bubbles from behind the film after it is installed?

Use a hard plastic squeegee or any plastic card to squeegee air bubbles and water. If you find it’s hard to get rid of the bubbles, uncover the window film, spray more water between the glass and the film and squeegee firmly again. Water will make it much easier to remove bubbles.


  1. Why does the film fall off after a while?

Please check that:

  • the protective liner was removed from the rear of the film before installing the film
  • the edges of the film were trimmed after installation so that they do not touch the edge of the window frame
  • excess water and air bubbles were squeegeed out from behind the film after installation on the window


  1. Can I remove the film at a later stage?

Absolutely. Our blackout film is removable and reusable. You can just simply peel the film off the glass in seconds with no mess.

         4. Can I see outside after applying this film?

N0t completely, as it is translucent but blocks clear viewing.. This film provides 2-way privacy which means you can’t see through whether it is viewed from indoors or outdoors.

If for any reason you are not happy with the installation of the film, you can remove it and apply again.  It is important that the rear of the window film stays clean – and that the glass is also clean before re-applying.



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