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We have recently updated our FAQ page with this commonly asked question, as we recently began to receive queries from customers who have read online about the question “will window film cause windows to crack or break?”. We searched the internet and also found lots of discussion on this topic.

We are not window film manufacturers, but do supply these window film to our customers – to learn more read on…

Commonly Asked Question: Will installing a window film cause my window to crack or break?

We have had many people ask if installing a window film will make their window crack.

Any window pane can potentially crack due to rapid increases in temperature changes, differences in heat on the glass pane or with extreme heat (with or without window films). There are many factors that can also impact how a pane of glass will react to heat such as does the glass already have a chip or hairline crack, thickness and quality of glass and the design of the window itself (high or low quality – restricting glass expansion) as well as the number of window panes and the gas if any used to improve the R value.

If in you are worried about a window film damaging a window, check with your window manufacturer to see if there are any recommendations or warranty limitations associated with window film.

If you are unsure, use window film on windows on interior applications and windows that are not exposed to direct sunlight.

To date we have had no reports of window cracks or breaks due to window films but we cannot say it’s impossible or that it could not happen.

Note that we are not window film manufactures and take no responsibility if a window cracks or breaks for any reason.

Visit our FAQ page to find information related to this commonly asked question and others.

Manotech Solutions Inc. - Commonly Asked Question

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Manotech Solutions Inc. – Commonly Asked Question

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