We at Manotech Solutions look globally for great products for our customers.  We are not looking for low price, cheaply made products – we are looking for good quality products from trusted reliable suppliers.  

Low quality products lead to low customer satisfaction and the likelihood of product returns – we want happy customers who love their purchase and appreciate the effort we put into sourcing great products!

We have a variety of products sourced from reliable suppliers in Asia – in particular we have very good window film suppliers that are able to source almost any type and size of film for your home or business!  We have a variety of window film listed on our online store, if you have specific window film requirements feel free to reach out and we will do our best to assist. Remember, the majority of the products that you are buying locally and online are also from China.

We also source products from suppliers here in Canada, USA and virtually anywhere that we find a reliable supplier with great unique products that offers great value for our customers. We specify in each product description where the product is being sourced from.

Manotech Solutions online store is updated regularly with new products and great sales.

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