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We offer personalized TECH Career consulting to individuals and teams interested in advancing their TECH Careers with our guidance.  We are absolutely committed to identifying and positioning candidates into the best possible roles based on their experience and interests.

TECH Job Hunting?

If you are interested in advancing to your next TECH Career opportunity, we can help.  We offer “1 on 1” consulting to help identify/qualify opportunities for you.

Need TECH Staff ?

Is your company looking to source staffing with specific TECH Skills?  We can qualify candidates or “pre-built” teams to support TECH projects.


Years of Experience

Short Term 5G Jobs to be created (by 2026)

5G related permanent jobs to be created (by 2026)

$ Billion to be spent in Canada deploying 5G (by 2026)

In Demand

RAN Engineers

Canada -wide

Experienced 4G / 5G RAN engineers.  Planning, Optimization and drive test skills.

4G / 5GC – Virtualization Engineers


Experienced LTE / 5GC Core engineers.  Virtualization, traffic engineering ans planning skills.

Small Cell and WiFi Engineers


Experienced Small Cell and WiFi solution planning and deployment engineers.


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