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  • 3GPP Sidelink and its proposed extensions
    In an earlier post I discussed briefly about the sidelink: V2V communications are based on D2D communications defined as part of ProSe services in Release 12 and Release 13 of the specification. As part of ProSe services, a new D2D interface (designated as PC5, also known as sidelink at the physical layer) was introduced and now […]
  • 2G / 3G Switch Off: A Tale of Two Worlds
    Source: Wikipedia2G/3G switch off is always a topic of discussion in most conferences. While many companies are putting their eggs in 4G & 5G baskets, 2G & 3G is not going away anytime soon.Based on my observations and many discussions that I have had over the past few months, I see a pattern emerging.In most […]
  • Smartphone Wi-Fi Analytics for Travel Route Optimisations
    Transport for London (TFL), the local government body responsible for transport in London, which also runs the London Underground (known as Tubes) has been using smartphone Wi-Fi data to work out how people travel on the stations.They did the trial and collected data in 2016 and have also openly talked about it (see this talk for example), […]
  • 5G Dual Connectivity, Webinar and Architecture Overview
    One of the things that will come as a result of NSA (Non-StandAlone) architecture will be the option for Dual Connectivity (DC). In fact, DC was first introduced in LTE as part of 3GPP Release 12 (see 3G4G Small Cells blog entry here). WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum) has a good whitepaper on this topic here and NTT […]
  • Slides from IEEE 5G Webinar: 5G mmWave Revolution & New Radio
    Some of you may find this useful.[View the story "5G mmWave Revolution & New Radio" on Storify]

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  • Huawei takes aim at Apple with AI-enabled Mate 10
    LIVE FROM HUAWEI MATE 10 LAUNCH, MUNICH: Huawei officially announced its Mate 10 series devices, ... The post Huawei takes aim at Apple with AI-enabled Mate 10 appeared first on Mobile World Live.
  • TIM launches NB-IoT, Vodafone begins rollout
    Italy-based operators TIM and Vodafone Italia faced off with separate announcements regarding NB-IoT deployments: the ... The post TIM launches NB-IoT, Vodafone begins rollout appeared first on Mobile World Live.
  • Project Loon staying under Alphabet X umbrella
    Alphabet’s X lab dismissed reports Project Loon is set to become its latest programme to ... The post Project Loon staying under Alphabet X umbrella appeared first on Mobile World Live.
  • US operators push back on FCC reporting plans
    AT&T, T-Mobile US and Verizon said a proposal from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ... The post US operators push back on FCC reporting plans appeared first on Mobile World Live.
  • Android devices most vulnerable to Wi-Fi security flaw
    Researchers unveiled a newly discovered security flaw allowing hackers to eavesdrop on Wi-Fi traffic sent ... The post Android devices most vulnerable to Wi-Fi security flaw appeared first on Mobile World Live.

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  • Analyst Angle: 3 game-changing telecom industry predictions for the next 5 years
    Having been actively involved in the telecom industry for upwards of a decade, I’ve watched our infrastructure shrink in size and expand in capabilities. The telecom foundation now supports more users and boasts highly advanced features in a much smaller package, allowing for increased productivity and cost savings for consumers. Digital technology has wholly disrupted […]
  • Sandvine sets its sights on AI, automation for networks
    Newly combined Sandvine to focus on AI, closed-loop network automation As a new Sandvine emerges following the combination of the company with Procera Networks, its focus is on enabling AI and automation for network visibility and control — and Sandvine plans to pursue very specific use cases that offer value to operators. Cam Cullen, VP […]
  • NFV deployments more challenging than anticipated: Openwave Mobility
    Playbook notes NFV deployment challenges and strategies for moving forward Openwave Mobility, a data plan management solutions provider for the telecom industry, recently published its “NFV Playbook,” highlighting some of major hurdles facing NFV deployment and lessons for moving forward. According to the playbook, NFV deployments are more complex than originally conceived by the industry, […]
  • California Governor Jerry Brown vetoes small cell bill
    Governor Jerry Brown of California waited until the eleventh hour to announce that he would not sign legislation giving his state more authority over how local governments deal with applications for small cells. Brown said he believes local governments need a “more balanced solution” that will allow them to retain more authority over their rights […]
  • The role of open APIs in digital transformation
    The shift toward digital transformation Digital transformation has become a major trend across a host of industries, from healthcare to entertainment, with application program interfaces (APIs) spearheading the transition. According to a report by research firm IDC, by 2020, 50% of Global 2000 will see the bulk of their businesses depend on their ability to […]


  • Crosser raised $1.8M seed round for its edge computing software
    Crosser, an edge-computing software company that helps analyze data at the network edge raised a $1.8M seed round led by Spintop Ventures. Almi Invest and Norrlandsfonden co-invested in the startup. Crosser Fog Computing Structure There is a massive increment in the amount of data companies send to the cloud. It takes time to analyze data […]
  • Smart home automation startup Brilliant Tech closes $21M Series A
    Brilliant Tech, a smart lighting and home automation company raised a $21M Series A round led by August Capital. Other investors that participated in the round include Miramar Ventures, The Box Group, and the Stanford-StartX Fund. The Brilliant Control Brilliant’s flagship product is a smart home control that comes in sizes of 1-4 switches. It […]
  • Loranga, a board that can turn any Raspberry Pi into a low power IoT gateway
    Loranga, launched its Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $5000. It has managed to raise $2985 from 20 backers with 19 days to go. It is basically a Raspberry Pi hat that makes it easier to set up an internet connected LoRa and GSM gateway device. "Loranga is a Raspberry Pi hat designed to make it […]
  • Edge analytics software FogHorn banks $30M Series B
    FogHorn Systems, edge-intelligence software for commercial and industrial IoT applications raised a $30M Series B round this week at an unknown valuation. Intel Capital and returning investor Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures led the latest round. The latest investment comes in a quick succession to the previous rounds whereby FogHorn raised $12M in July last year […]
  • The Internet of Life and Kerlink saves Black rhinos via sensor implants in horns
    The mainstream media mostly talks about the IoT in terms of the latest smart home gadgets and its future in autonomous vehicles. However, there’s more to the IoT technology then the making devices and machines run better and faster. The Internet of Life organization teamed up with the ShadowView foundation to deploy some IoT solutions […]