If you are considering buying a used iphone that is described as “iCloud Locked”, think twice. ” iCloud locked” means that the iphone requires the proper user owner credentials (activation ID/Password) to use the phone – and the seller does not have them.  In most cases this phone has been stolen – if this is the sellers iphone they should know the credentials right?  The owner could also contact apple with the purchase receipt to have this resolved – if they are the rightful owners.

Why Would Someone Sell an iCloud Locked iPhone?

These “iCloud Locked” phones are put up for sale with the hope that someone will buy it for parts  – stay away as you don’t want to be possessing stolen property.  These phones can also be items sold cheap as unclaimed items at ‘lost and found’ auctions, so if its coming from a police auction and you need parts it may be safe.

To check if a iPhone if the iCloud lock is activated, go to this iCloud Activation Site and enter the iPhone IMEI to get the current status of the device.

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