If you are looking at buying electical/electronic products at discount stores and flea markets, always check that products have CSA or CUL marking ensuring that the products are tested and approved for use in Canada.  The same applies if you are looking to bring products into Canada, be sure they have been tested and approved for use in Canada. You will find that the majority of Chinese products available directly from Chinese factories have not been tested to meed Canadian standards.  The reason for this is that it costs money to to have products tested and get the necessary approvals.  Most factories want a guarantee of a large order before they move ahead with this testing –  so beware when buying direct from a foreign factory – especially for small orders.

View the CSA Group marks and labels that are visible a wide range of products including electric, gas-fired, personal protective equipment and mechanical products.

If you are sourcing products from China always check that the power supply, power cords or that the device itself has cUL approval and is approved for use in Canada ( check that the product has CSA or cUL or equivalent markings).  Did you know that using products that have not met these basic safety requirements can possibly nullify your home insurance in the case where these products cause a fire?

Also, if you are planning to sell products to the Canadian government departments you will need products that have these markings to show they are approved for use in Canada.

It is also recommended that you further check that the cUL approval is indeed legitimate as there are fake ‘cUL’ approvals out there.

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